About project

“Light shoes”, it is 2014-2021. A project funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism Program “Health”, which was launched in 2021. in June. Financing amount – 277045,01 Eur. of which 10% Contribution of Šiauliai district municipality.
The aim of the project is to implement a unique support mechanism based on non-standard operating principles and innovative working methods for children and youth of the target group, mobilizing municipal resources, qualitatively and substantially strengthening specialist competencies to easily and creatively help young people make positive changes in their lives. lack of innovative services for this target group.

  1. To create a safe, innovative learning space (experiential training base) for adolescents of the target group, where new services will be provided
  2. Qualitatively and substantially strengthen the competencies of youth workers and professionals working with adolescents in the target group in order to provide innovative services to the target group and to mobilize the available municipal resources for joint work.
  3. Providing new, innovative services to a target group of young people to help create positive change in their lives

Project target group:
– 12-18 children and young people with delinquent behavior and behavioral and emotional disorders, as well as offenders of any kind.
– Training of youth workers in open youth centers, who will be trained to work with the new support mechanism and will provide a “10 easy steps” service.
– Specialists who will take part in the training (social educators, social workers, police officers, orphanage staff, case managers, probation officers, etc.).
Partners: Rietavas Open Youth Center and Telšiai Youth Center Public Institution.